A TÜV certified enterprise, the in-house craftsmanship of MBR Medical Beauty Research® facilitates the biotechnological production of the finest of galenics, which are natural and environmentally sustainable.

For this process, MBR® only uses raw materials that are characterised by extensive and documented efficacy expertise. Ingredients that have come under criticism are replaced with á la minute flexibility, because for us, inner beauty does not count less than the outer transformation.

Those involved in the MBR® development team are completely free in deciding which ingredient combination and recipe version they will choose – formula costs are immaterial.
This allowes for extremely expensive, highly synergistic principles to be actualised, which are globally unparalleled in their formulation.

Together with its selected placement, this artisanal manufacture and the almost exclusively medical active ingredients set us and you apart from the market in a supremely unique fashion.


Medical Beauty Research® – Skin care at the frontier of medicine

MBR Medical Beauty Research® is the product of intensive research in cosmetics with focus on skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing. The results come to completion in the respectively most efficient generation of dermo-cosmetics. They are and have been developed by renowned experts of the following fields:
  • Plastic surgery & dermatology
  • Biochemistry
  • Toxicology & microbiology
  • Formulation technology


The state-of-the-art niche brand MBR® presents exclusive, non-invasive treatment possibilities for every cosmetic, cosmeceutical, or dermaceutical scope in the form of professional, sophisticated concept care.

In these luxurious products, complex formulation technologies coalesce with synergistic and complimentary active agents as well as silky smooth galenics to leave the skin in an unsurpassable state that unfolds from the inside out.

The foundation of this result is formed by the unique MBR® care principle
which defines its own class by offering the highest possible concentration of active agents whilst maintaining optimal skin tolerance, exceeding the common notion of premium cosmetics by far.

Whether used pre- or postoperatively and as an accompanying measure to a procedure, or replacing the aesthetic/ plastic avenue entirely – MBR® leads any skin state back to a healthy complexion and remodels face and body so profoundly that your clients experience skin perfection on their own body.

Medical cosmeticians will too find the perfect partner in MBR®, as the high standard of their trade deserves a true contour architect at its side.

In collaboration with MBR SWITZERLAND and the treasures of MBR®, your enterprise receives its very own glow-up – attractive margins and close-knit personal mentoring place you on a bespoke level, far from what large corporations offer.


As a new paradigm for skin care at the frontier of medicine, MBR SWITZERLAND provides an absolutely distinguished treatment concept that was specifically created for Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, prominently standing out from its parent company and the export countries.

Independent of the duration of a treatment, its profound and exceptional beauty rituals guarantee nonpar effects. Their reliability not only offers your cosmeticians a fulfilling work routine, but leaves profoundly satisfied customers with the most beautiful skin of their life.

With MBR SWITZERLAND, your enterprise breaks with all conventions of the skin care scene and allows clients to experience true skin transformation in an unrivalled fashion.

By the way – also combined, MBR® and MSB® captivate with their individual superpowers.