The quality of herbal raw materials, which can take their full effect without compromising our health, is the pillar of the in-house research centre with laboratory and production of MSB Cosmeceuticals® – because for us, inner beauty does not count less than the outer transformations.

All products undergo special microbiological safety testing and are cosmetically and pharmaceutically certified.

The craftsmanship of MSB® and the almost exclusively medical active ingredients set us and you apart from the market in a supremely unique fashion.


The targeted solutions that MSB Cosmeceuticals® offers for special skin requirements and wrinkle reduction are distinguished from conventional cosmetic products by the use of specific, therapeutically active ingredients in extraordinary concentrations and their one of a kind treatment experience.

Expertise, know-how, and the intensive research of leading developers are embodied in the efficacy, quality, and safety found in every MSB® product, as well as the guarantee to consistently incorporate the latest findings.

Located in the mid-range price segment, the MSB® line impresses with extraordinary economic appeal and equally high cosmeceutical efficacy.

True to this spirit, it supports cosmeticians particularly after injections and needling by means of high-dose fruit acids and collagens, whilst handing your clients an impactful at-home beauty arsenal.


MSB Cosmeceuticals® introduces a new league of fruit acid treatments and skin rejuvenation without undesired side effects to your range of offers.
For this purpose, specially buffered fruit acids deeply penetrate the skin to remove dead skin cells without leaving the face injured or flaming red.
Contrary to conventional procedures, the transformational tools of MSB® move with the natural regeneration rhythm of the skin, which completely excludes any kind of defacement or injury.

With MSB®, the client will therefore finally experience a highly effective medical treatment, which, instead of inflicting pain and stress, provides nothing but wellness and relaxation. For hotels and spas, MSB Cosmeceuticals® brings this effect into the treatment room.

In collaboration with MBR SWITZERLAND and the treasures of MSB®, your enterprise receives its very own glow-up – attractive margins and close-knit personal mentoring place you on a bespoke level, far from what large corporations offer.

As a new paradigm for skin care beyond cosmetics, MBR SWITZERLAND provides an absolutely distinguished treatment concept that was specifically created for Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, prominently standing out from its parent company and the export countries.

Independent of the duration of a treatment, its profound and exceptional beauty rituals guarantee nonpar effects. Their reliability not only offers your cosmeticians a fulfilling work routine, but leaves profoundly satisfied customers with the most beautiful skin of their life.

With MBR SWITZERLAND, your enterprise breaks with all conventions of the skin care scene and allows clients to experience true skin transformation in an unrivalled fashion.

By the way – also combined, MBR® and MSB® captivate with their individual superpowers.