We want to show you the true potential of substantiated self-care and give your daily beauty ritual the special importance it deserves.

The exclusive skin designer of MBR® Medical Beauty Research – Skin care at the frontier of medicine – has facilitated our professional, sophisticated concept care since the year 2000 with the most supreme standard of skin care on the market.

With cosmetics guided by medicine, the top-class MBR® line caters diverse treatment options to any skin condition. The highest possible concentrations formulated with the most innovative synergistic active agent technologies transform from the inside out and provide unparalleled lifting effects without a scalpel.

All elements of the MBR® all-stars are continuously replaced by the newest active agent generation. Indulging your skin in state-of-the-art treatment with MBR® products is always characterised by the sensational cosmetic successes of true skin transformation.

And for us, such outer effects do not count more than inner beauty: All MBR® products are declared and certified as a dermaceutical as well as TÜV certified, and free of critical ingredients such as silicones, parabens, or heavy metals.

We have no room for animal testing and filler substances. Every product brings you 100 % highly concentrated, pure agents.


Without you having to go under the knife, the distinguished product line by MBR Medical Beauty Research® – Skin care at the frontier of medicine – transforms the eyes, face, neck, and décollté.

The global functional principle of all MBR® products generates the interplay of various epidermal, dermal, and cosmetic effects, which compose the perfection of this sublime brand.

The active ingredients complement each other in manifold ways, creating a skin care synergy that is unlike any other.

Do you know how many layers of dead skin cells are covering the largest organ of your body? Their accumulation minimises the skin’s ability for regeneration and absorption.

This is where our hero with her first class ticket of skin care enters the scene: The MBR Medical Beauty Research® success formula.


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    Dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin prevent young cells from forming a harmonious surface, making it impossible for products to penetrate your skin. Enzymatic fruit acids remove all cornification and prepare the skin for absorbing the subsequently applied active molecules of these highly concentrated care products.


    A bespoke product system meets your personal skin requirements on the dermal and epidermal level. For this purpose, the highest possible dosages of active agents enter the different skin layers in a targeted manner, initiating reanimation and regeneration of the skin cells’ functions while maintaining optimal skin tolerance.

    Specific messenger substances stimulate the epidermis to perform in a supremely balanced and coherent fashion. The care products applied are locked in the skin to intensify their effects and prevent them from literally vanishing into thin air. Tailor-made for your skin type, a highly concentrated active ingredient serum is applied, which is composed of selected lipids, intensively effective moisturising factors, and long-term protective substances that keep environmental influences at bay and restore the hydro-lipid mantle.



Contrary to conventional anti-ageing products that generally focus on one single strategy to improving skin structure, MBR® targets the combined strength of several purposeful measures onto your skin:

  • DNA protection
  • Improved cell longevity
  • High-quality cell regeneration
  • Stabilised dermo-epidermal junction
  • Physically smoothed wrinkles

Independent of its current state, every skin type is brought back to a harmonious complexion. Therefore, MBR® does not only function as an exclusive and highly effective fountain of youth, but endows your skin with optimal prevention.

Without scalpel, needles, or neurotoxins, MBR® allows you to experience the best skin of your life.