MSB® – My Special Beauty

Skin transformation on the playing field of real effects with MSB Cosmeceuticals®: Our craftsmanship presents you with a personal assistant that fits every skin condition ready for the red carpet.

As a cosmeceutical addition, the products fulfil any and all personal and complex care requirements.

The simple yet highly effective skin care concept comes to you as a non-prescription epidermal solution, bringing the silver bullets of a dermatologist into your own bathroom.


The MSB® line also harbours the key to long-lasting skin transformation in the form of the three-step system by MBR Medical Beauty Research®:


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    Enzymes and fruit acids optimally prepare the top layers of the skin for the subsequently applied active care products. Dead skin cells are removed, allowing young cells to form a smooth skin surface.

    Tailor-made to meet your specific skin requirements, highly concentrated active ingredients are introduced into the skin in a targeted manner, reanimating and regenerating the skin cells’ function. Even on diseased skin, collagens and messenger substances with a similar molecular structure to botulinum bestow a healed and harmonious complexion.


    The care products applied are locked into the skin, intensifying their effect and preventing them from literally vanishing into thin air. Acting as an invisible, smoothing protective film, it shields the skin from environmental influences and restores the hydro-lipid mantle.



Irritated skin with unique needs finds its bodyguard of skin transformation in the MSB® product line. Every product conveys long-term effects with immediate results, containing high-quality herbal raw materials that revitalise the tissue and counteract skin ageing.

Brought back to consistent balance, your skin is systematically rejuvenated without experiencing stress or irritation as a concequence. It returns to a gorgeous even complexion that will remain healthy, healed, and full of life:
The potent ingredients and targeted formulas of MSB Cosmeceuticals® reinvigorate the skin’s immune system in such a fashion that undesired issues like acne or eczema are left in the past for good.

The products impart profound reanimation to your skin, causing fine lines and wrinkles to disappear and pigmentation to lighten.
Balance, healing and rejuvenation not only become your visible and palpable present reality, but loyal future companions.

The Alpha-Trophox 112® line even allows for dermal skin transformation. Replacing botulinum, these products mirror its effects to 99 % – in the active ingredients as well as on your face and body.

Celebrate an impactful beauty ritual with MSB Cosmeceuticals® and send your stressed out skin off to its well-deserved vacation.

Born by the same award-winning laboratory, MSB® and MBR® are ideal for combined use and make for a luxurious power couple.